The Biggest Turn-Off While You’re Sleeping Could be Deadly!

Everybody knows snoring is probably the biggest turn-off in the bedroom. Being kept awake at night by someone who is blissfully unaware of the torture he or she is imposing is neither fun nor sexy. Obviously, however, it’s not a total deal-breaker, because many snorers are still married. That means there are a lot of long-suffering mates out there whose love trumps personal comfort. According to a recent survey from the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine (AADSM), 83 percent of the 1,009 people surveyed by telephone said they had a snoring bed partner.

The thing is that snoring can be much more serious than simply an aggravation for a bed partner. If it is related to sleep-disordered breathing, it could be a sign of sleep apnea. Sleep apnea has been linked to a multitude of health-related issues, including increased risk of hearing loss, weight gain, osteoporosis, heart issues, depression, stroke and more. For that reason, patience and tolerance may not be virtues for long-suffering family members. It’s critical to get the loved one diagnosed to make sure he or she is safe.

Sleep apnea is usually treated with a bedside CPAP machine, which eliminates the snoring issue. While it might not be the sexiest accessory, it might be the most welcome one. For a beleaguered spouse who can finally enjoy a quieter night’s rest, the relief is multiplied by the knowledge that his or her mate is safe and protected from the potential ravages of sleep apnea. For the CPAP wearer, the Face Cozy ensures a comfortable CPAP experience. Deep sleep opens the door to a whole new world of healthy living.