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Strap adjustment doesn’t always make a difference. Particularly for those sleeping on their sides, it’s hard to avoid the negative side effects on delicate facial skin.

Skin Protection Shield

For CPAP & Respiratory Machines

The FACE COZY® was designed by a frustrated CPAP user. Diane Roblin-Sharp was diagnosed in 2006 with Obstructive Sleep Disorder and was stunned to receive the news that she would have to wear a CPAP mask and be hooked up to a respiratory device – every night – in hopes of avoiding potentially deadly consequences.

The first night was traumatic with the recognition of a loss of freedom that was not easy to accept. When Diane awoke the next morning with skin indentations from where the straps had been, she was shocked. Shock gave way to depression when the marks remained visible all morning.

Diane tried all the proposed solutions available without success and so set to designing something that would work. After much trial-and-error with fabrics, designs and patterns, the FACE COZY® emerged as a welcome solution to the frustrations of CPAP therapy – not only for Diane, but for thousands of others with the same issues. For most, the FACE COZY® totally erases strap issues; for others, it greatly reduces the associated marks and irritations and makes wearing the masks more comfortable. When sleep is improved, energy and health are improved.

DESIGN PATENT: Canada #160234 & USA #735,318
DESIGN PATENT: Canada #160234 & USA #735,318
DESIGN PATENT: Canada #160234 & USA #735,318

Millions of adults and children suffer from sleep apnea and respiratory ailments. While the use of CPAP therapy and masks for other respiratory conditions can be life saving, the side effects on the skin can range from embarrassing to acutely troublesome, causing a wide range of dermatological issues, from unsightly skin indentations to pressure sores and even blisters.


The plastic material generally used for CPAP masks and respiratory tubing is uncomfortable, leaving no room for your skin to breath. This can cause face sweating throughout the night and will affect your skin’s health.

The build-up of facial oils, dirt and perspiration on the various parts of the mask can contribute to an increase in skin irritation. While users are advised to thoroughly wash the mask and the face prior to putting the mask on for the night, many have to use some kind of facial cream to alleviate the irritation. Unfortunately, the use of cream can contribute to a loss of seal. This frustrating cycle can lead to abandonment of therapy if there is not a solution.

Some CPAP users are allergic to the materials in the mask, leading to some form of dermatitis resulting from contact with the silicone or other materials in the mask. Such allergies can result in a range of skin breakouts, ulcerations and what is sometimes referred to as a “burn.” Without intervention, a dangerous abandonment of therapy is common.


CPAP Air Mask DiscomfortThe soft, breathable comfort of comforting fleece between the mask and your face helps protect your sensitive skin. It reduces irritation and indentations and helps you feel more comfortable with your appliance.

For those in the health industry, patient care is the key issue in service. The FACE COZY® gives your patients the assurance that you truly care about his or her comfort.

For the elderly and young children, the placement of a FACE COZY® between the skin and the respiratory appliance assists in the seal, helping to eliminate dry eye issues from air blowing into the eyes.

In order to allow for custom fit for a variety of mask designs and appliance needs, we have intentionally left the edges of the FACE COZY® raw. (Fraying is not an issue when fleece is washed.) This allows users to cut a larger area for a larger nose or eliminate unnecessary fabric for masks with minimal strapping, allowing for a custom fit for individual needs. (Please note that there are no returns on Cozies that have been altered in any way.)

CPAP and Air Mask Discomfort, pain, chafing, marks, we have the solution!

Far from interfering with the CPAP seal, the FACE COZY® enhances the seal, just as a piece of cotton under a jar lid improves the seal of a jar.

Because fleece does not absorb moisture, as long as the washable FACE COZYs® are properly maintained, there is no build-up of bacteria. Instead of sweat being trapped against the skin when a CPAP mask is used without a FACE COZY®, the face is kept dry. We include two FACE COZYs® per pack, to allow for alternate day rinsing and drying. Feel free to toss them in with your regular wash loads as long as the water is cool.

Materials used are 100% pure Lambskin polyester fleece.


Big difference

I find the Face Cozy very effective. It has made a big difference in my ability to wear my mask all night long. Before the Cozy, my mask was so uncomfortable that I couldn’t tolerate it for the full night and would regularly take it off in frustration in the early morning hours.

David G. — Waterloo, Ontario

I’d pay double if I had to

What a great product!! I have been using this product for close to 2 years and can’t believe how well it works. I used to get up in the morning and my face would have deep ridges on my face and neck from the straps on my CPAP mask. I could count on one hand the number of times I have had a mark on my face in the morning since using the Face Cozy. I would pay double the price they ask if I had to. They can last well over a year. I would highly recommend the Face Cozy.

David J Butcher  July 6, 2015

Quite Comfortable To Wear

I find with mine that the Face Cozy actually keeps my nose pillows in position better.

Before I was wearing the Cozy, they seemed to slip around a bit. The Cozies are quite comfortable to wear.

David B. — Milton, Ontario

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