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Sleep apnea is becoming an epidemic these days! Increased awareness is leading to increased diagnoses. Now thousands of people are going to bed at night with the “hose to the nose” and waking up with strap marks, welts on their faces and skin irritations from CPAP straps.

While CPAP masks are not fun to wear, not glamorous or even comfortable – using CPAP therapy saves lives. Nevertheless, being diagnosed with sleep apnea can be traumatic, scary and downright depressing.

So after the shock wears off, the realities of an unavoidable change of lifestyle set in.

DESIGN PATENT: Canada #160234 & USA #735,318
DESIGN PATENT: Canada #160234 & USA #735,318
DESIGN PATENT: Canada #160234 & USA #735,318

Sleep ‘N’ Spa Mask

For Travel & Flights, Spas & Relaxation

Annoyed with the way the typical, airline sleep mask gives you hat-head? You know – that annoying ridge around the back of your hair?

Solution: Our 100 percent soft, lambskin fleece SLEEP COZY® Sleep 'n Spa Masks are designed with our patented ear-loop design - no more band around the back of your head! Our masks are light and so soft, they bring a cozy experience to your flight.

Whether you’re nodding off during the afternoon slump at the office, working a long, late shift, or fighting drowsiness while driving, taking a 15 or 20 minute power-nap can make you more alert and productive. Our SLEEP COZY® Sleep 'n Spa Masks are great for tuning out and lessening the distractions that hinder sleep.

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