Choose Your Weapon!

Choose Your WeaponWhat will kill you first – smoking or snoring … or a mate who hates either?

Not too many worries about a disgruntled mate because there are laws against murder – but there are no laws against death by smoking or sleep apnea.

Both smoking and untreated OSA (obstructive sleep apnea) can lead to premature death. Smoking can shorten a life-span by 7-10 years. According to RHS Canada, undiagnosed, untreated severe sleep apnea is even worse than smoking heavily. People with severe sleep apnea and who don’t use CPAP therapy have a higher mortality rate than heavy smokers.

Comparison of the Kaplan-Meier curve demonstrates the outcome of long term smoking to non-treated obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). The yellow line indicates the survival distribution for patients with untreated severe OSA, the grey line those with untreated mild and moderate OSA and the blue line those who smoke 20+ cigarettes per day. | dianebydesign’s blog