Good News for CPAP Users in Mexico!

Millions of adults and children suffer from respiratory ailments. Sleep apnea is becoming epidemic!

Increased awareness is leading to increased sleep apnea diagnoses. Now thousands of people are going to bed at night with the “hose to the nose” – and waking up with strap marks, welts on their faces and skin irritations from CPAP straps. Being diagnosed with sleep apnea can be traumatic, scary and downright depressing. So after the shock wears off, the realities of an unavoidable change of lifestyle set in.

Without intervention to solve the problems, a dangerous abandonment of therapy is common. While CPAP masks are not fun, glamorous or even comfortable – using CPAP therapy saves lives and so it can be critical to find a way to make it workable.

The issues:
How to make CPAP masks more tolerable
How to resist ripping CPAP masks off in frustration
How to get rid of the ugly strap marks left after wearing CPAP masks all night
How to deal with skin irritations from the materials used in CPAP straps
How to lessen the slippage of CPAP “nose pillows”
How to lessen air leakage from CPAP face gear in the night
How to lessen the discomfort of the CPAP headgear

The Solution?
Diane and Morgan in MexicoAfter being diagnosed with sleep apnea and faced with wearing CPAP therapy in 2006, Diane Roblin-Sharp, a winter resident of Progreso, Yucatan, developed a solution and called it the “FACE COZYTM.” Her website can be found at

The FACE COZY is a soft, lambskin fleece mask designed to be worn between the mask and the face. The breathable comfort of fleece helps protect sensitive skin, reducing irritation and indentations and helping sufferers feel more comfortable with their appliances. The placement of a FACE COZY between the skin and the respiratory appliance assists in the seal, helping to eliminate dry eye issues from air blowing into the eyes.

After securing the trademark and design patent, Diane and her husband, Morgan, made the FACE COZY available not only on their website, but also on Amazon Now people all across the USA and Canada are ordering the masks and sending glowing reports and reviews.Their hope is to introduce the product to Mexico. If anyone has any connections with sleep clinics or respiratory therapists here, suggestions would be welcomed with gratitude.

CPAP wearers who haven’t found the FACE COZY solution can be spotted having breakfast on the Malacon with red welts on their faces where the straps secured their CPAP therapy masks all night. If you’re going to be a CPAP wearer, the best way is to go incognito during the day!