Dog Sled Delivery to Pony Express? Really???

Whew! Big yay!

Sometimes, despite best efforts, something runs amuck.

In this case, it was a Face Cozy delivery to a place in Wyoming called “Pony Express,” which was pretty funny, all frustrations aside, when the customer accused me of delivering by “dog sled.” Dog sled to Pony Express? Really??

Anyway, in three years of Shipping Face Cozys to CPAP wearers all across the continent, I’ve never had a slow shipping problem – first time.

“Where is our Face Cozy???” came the edgy questions. “We order lots of things from Amazon and we’ve never had a problem before!”

Well, I’d never had the problem before, either!

So I sent another package. Again – “Where is our Face Cozy????” came the question, this time with an added slap – “For Pete’s sake, if you can’t ship it properly, just say so and refund my money!”

Oi vey. So, no sooner had I offered to either try a third time or issue a refund, than I got this: (I”m still smiling!)

“…received the Face Cozy this evening… My husband loves it. Stays in place, no marks on his handsome 77 year old face!”

Ah the joy of it all! Whew!